The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire - January 28, 2009 The Roman Empire:...

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January 28, 2009 The Roman Empire: Imperial Conquests and Imperial Order Roman republic grew as a city-state as it grew into and empire, republic could not cope with the empires new territory grew militarily Crisis of Republican Institutions Could not handle new empire Military conflict gradually shifted to be conflicts within the republic break down of political institutions Politics replaces by internal violence Became acute republic turned into an empire led by Caesar Augustus Effect of Foreign Conquests Pattern of Late Roman Republic (After 133 BCE) Chaos-order-chaos Pax Romana enduring theme of Western culture; internal peace Crisis of the late Republic Social Imbalance: Rich vs. poor (From Punic Wars) Lack of land for poor Rich had slaves to do their work didn’t have to pay The poor workers were out of a job People drifted away from the land into the city to try to find work By 138 BCE large group of discontented people in the city growing gap between rich and the poor demand for social reform Tiberius Gracchus Tiberius Gracchus (133 BCE) Campaign for Land Reform Reduce large land holdings by the wealthy accumulate land with slave labor Distribute land into small parcels to give to those who did not own land Murder of Tiberius Mob organized by the senate killed Tiberius and his followers Kill the leader will solve the problem Problem did not go away Gaius Gracchus (123 BCE) Brother of Tiberius Land Reform reduce the price of grain Murder of Gaius 100s of supporters put to death
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The Roman Empire - January 28, 2009 The Roman Empire:...

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