Renaissance Phil and Lit outline

Renaissance Phil and Lit outline - Renaissance Philosophy...

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Renaissance Philosophy and Literature The Cultural Emphasis on Human Activity Borrowing from Ancient Literature, A New Culture? Jacob Burckhardt’s Interpretation of the Renaissance (1860) Humanism and Individualism Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy Renaissance promoted humanism different from Middle ages; and promoted a new individualism Individual merit is the heart of the renaissance Radical new culture View have been challenged by historians that argue that in fact there is a great deal of the middle ages in the renaissance and not a significant break like Jacob thought Emphasis of human relationships and human writers as the authorities for the basis of the claims about truth and the good life Writers interested at looking at human beings as they are and as they might be Look at antiquity as a source of knowledge about the world Diversity of the Renaissance 1. Literary Trends and the New Humanism Petrarch (1304-1374); Defining a New Role for Writers Define an identity for himself as a writer Originally from Florence left to go to Avenion Lived virtually his whole life never in Florence Became a great student of Latin and studied all the texts Great admirer of Cicero Studied law—father wanted him to so that he would have a stable job Fell madly in love with Laura—described briefly in writings Began writing love poems (207 poems to Laura have survived)
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Renaissance Phil and Lit outline - Renaissance Philosophy...

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