Historical Analysis and the(2)

Historical Analysis and the(2) - o What shapes Human...

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Historical Analysis and the Origins of “Western” Civilization Historical Studies in a Present-Minded Culture o Western Civilization: A Subject of Debate o Nostalgia for the Past? Critique of the Past? o Non-Historical Thinking vs. Historical Analysis o The Past as a Dynamic Process o The Past as a Foreign Country o History moving in teological terms (non-historical way of thinking rejected diminish element of human choice) o History is open-ended follow historical analysis Human beings are embedded with uncontrollable past/complex set of relationships The past is a dynamic process always connected like visiting a foreign country, how it evolves across time Courses on "Western Civilization" after World War I o Building Cultural Identity? Influence of the Cold War o The Critiques of Eurocentrism My Own Approach to History o Choices and Alternatives
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Unformatted text preview: o What shapes Human Choices? Multiple Causality: Material, Psychological, Intellectual Structure and Event o Historical Contexts and Individuals What makes Western Civilization a Distinctive Culture? o Geography? Politics? Economics? Social Life and Family Structure? o Religion and Philosophy? Science and Technology? Art/Literature? Wars? The Emergence of Civilization in Egypt and Mesopotamia o Influence of Rivers: Nile, Tigris and Euphrates o Farming and Division of Labor (3500 BC500 BC) Governments in Egypt and Mesopotamia o Writing and Legal Codes; The Authority of Kings o Religions: Explanations for Nature and Life after Death o Large Kingdoms and Empires Legacy of Three Broad Civilizing Processes: o Governments, Religions, Empires...
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Historical Analysis and the(2) - o What shapes Human...

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