Race - Race Ethnicity Identity 12:23:00 Identity how people...

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Race, Ethnicity, Identity 31/01/2008 12:23:00 Identity- how people classify themselves and others Forms of identity:  Ethnicity, tribe, race Nationality Religion Class, social status Kinship, family, descent group (lineage, clan) Occupation, roles Gender Identity is fluid, dynamic Multiple identities Ascribed identity-born into it and achieved identity-those we achieve through work Context specific Identity= culture(inclusion/exclusion) language Male Azande of  Sudan shifting gender identity Baby (<human) Boy Boy bride
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Warrior Adult man Elder man Ethnicity and Race On what basis do we tend to classify people into races Is this an appropriate way for understanding human diversity? Ethnic group is a group distinguished by cultural similarities (shared among members of that  group) and differences  Ethnicity: Identification with, and feeling part of an ethnic group, and exclusion from certain  other groups because of that affiliation Race- an ethnic group assumed to have a biological basis Racism-discrimination against an ethnic group assumed to have a biological basis
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Race - Race Ethnicity Identity 12:23:00 Identity how people...

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