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Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Vocabulary - half of all teachers in colonial...

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Mesa Community College Student Number ____ Intro to Ed Chapter 8 – Historical Perspectives of Education 1. equal educational opportunity – access to a similar education for all students, regardless of their cultural background or family circumstances 2. Committee of Ten – a historic National Education Association (NEA) committee that studied secondary education in 1892 3. colonial teachers – were very poorly prepared if at all; most had some kind of college education; only required to know something about what was being taught; was considered an assistant to the minister; 4. teachers as indentured servants – bought their transportation to the US through agreeing to work for some years as indentured servants; estimated that at least one-
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Unformatted text preview: half of all teachers in colonial America may have been indentured servants or felons; 5. normal schools – the first type of American institution devoted exclusively to teacher training 6. analysis of teaching – procedures used to enable teachers to critique their own performance in the classroom 7. effective teaching – a movement to improve teaching performance based on the outcomes of educational research 8. cognitive development – a learner’s acquisition of facts, concepts, and principles through mental activity 9. behavioral theory – a theory that considers the outward behavior of students to be the main target for change...
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