Conclude political organization

Conclude political organization - Conclude political...

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Conclude political organization Rise of the city state 08/04/2008 11:21:00 398 in text table 17.2 (know specifically for the final) Economic type which is associated with which? Bands Tribes Chiefdoms City states  Bands don’t necessarily form into tribes then into chiefdoms then to states(not inevitable path  between all) As move through spectrum  Increases in population size,  Increase in sedentism  Increase in social stratification : power of people over others Increase in intensity of land use  Increase in Conflict /social violence/war Increased environmental degradation 
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Bands: Foraging people/hunting and gathering No leaders or political authority (egalitarian)  Specified gender roles and age roles/ no social stratification Mobile and not sedentary and have low population size (fluid) Earl 1991 challenge of this typology: should look at power: 3 types: economic power: they have  control over resource base; ideological power: more in chiefdoms and states: direct descendant of God  power  over spiritual; Military power: power to enslave and constrict them to your army Tribes: Horticulturalist and Pastoralist societies  No social stratification  Adena (tribe) Ohio river valley(1000BC-?) Aunka-big man (achieved power)
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Conclude political organization - Conclude political...

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