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UGA Lecture

UGA Lecture - Exercise and Nutrition Out Of The Textbook...

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Unformatted text preview: Exercise and Nutrition Out Of The Textbook Into Reality Real­World About Me Educational Background – – – Associate of Science in Allied Health Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science Certified Level II Fitness Trainer Work Experience – Over 10 years in training, performance nutrition, supplementation, body recomposition, and bodybuilding. – Founder of More Nutrition and Fitness www.More­Nutrition.com Bodybuilding Accomplishments 1997 Junior Olympic Games – Gold Medal 1999 Superbody World Championships (featured on ESPN) 2nd place Junior division 2004 INBF Southern Open (pro­qualifier) 1st place Placed below 2nd only twice in almost 10 years of competition. NUTRITION is #1 Venn of Nutrition Ideal Eating – Does healthy always equal lean? – A sample daily schedule Bodyweight Set­point Theory – What are you striving for? Calories, protein, carbs, and fat – OH MY! – Ask yourself a simpler question Lean Eating Healthy Eating Ultra­low Calorie Diets Hi­protein/ low­veggie Limited variety Hi­fat/ NO carb Starvation Achieving Venn Organic Food Lean Proteins Vegetables Whole fruits Healthy Fats Timing Processed “whole” grains Hi­carb/ low­protein Fruit juices 3 meals per day Ideal Eating (according to Corey) Sample Day . . . Feeding #1 Feeding #2 Feeding #3 1 whole egg, 3 whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal with handful of blueberries protein shake, lite yogurt, or a piece of fruit chicken breast, black beans, spinach, ½ apple protein shake or cottage cheese and handful of almonds grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and cauliflower Feeding #4 Feeding #5 – Water: 3 Liters total Bodyweight Set­point Theory Idea that our bodies continually strive for a “memorized” physical version Possibly established during adolescence Thought to be able to “reset” – How do you go about it? EXERCISE UFC Round 1: Weight­training vs. Cardio – Throwing rocks . . . what a dirty fight! Round 2: Myth vs. Reality – Exercise your demons! Round 3: NEA – The secret weapon! Weight Training vs. Cardio Hi­Intensity vs. Low­Intensity – We’re picking the wrong fight! Metabolic Action and Aftermath – – – What’s the primary energy source? Who wins in caloric consumption? Who looks better after the fight? Muscle­building Effects – Or shall we say, Metabolism­building? Myth vs. Reality 1) 2) 3) 4) Weights build muscle, cardio burns fat. Hi­reps for fat­loss, lower reps for bulking. Working my abs will burn fat off my midsection. I don’t want to build, just tone. MYTH 1) 2) 3) 4) Both work to increase metabolic rate Fat­loss is determined by energy deficit, NOT rep ranges. Sure . . . how’s that working for ya? If you haven’t built anything, then what are you going to tone? REALITY Are workouts your only exercise? N E A 316 analogy – Timed runs OR steady pace walking Dr. James Levine – 2006 study cited up to 66% increase in caloric expenditure from NEA – 1 mph chair? STEROIDS Can they be safe? How common in real­life? How common in bodybuilding? How common in professional sports? – Russian Roulette anyone? – Stats and guesses – Which kind? – An educated guess ...
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