09notes - Lecture 2: Computers and how we use them...

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Lecture 2: Computers and how we use them 14/01/2009 10:26:00 HW: Create Blog on blogspot (email prof. to confirm blog name) The most important uses of influences of IT or digital technology in your life: Online Class Registration Bank Account (paying bills online) Facebook (Social Networking) Search Engines Entertainment (You Tube) Information Storage from Medical Professionals Problems: Paper Newspapers suffering Identity Theft Online Shopping (“you can’t try it before you buy it”) Drunk Texting Blackboard Shut-downs  Some basic, everyday risks: Technostress : when things break (buttons don’t work, faulty software, sites  crashing, hard-drive crashing, problems with webmail, wrong browser, etc). o Problems for parents?  o Problems for grandparents?  o The Help Desk (You Tube—Swedish)  o Poor User Interfaces: the point of contact between the user and the  tool (ex. Hammer has an interface   the handle) GUI=graphical user interface (what you interact with when  you’re interacting with a program) Example of innovative GUI: BumpTop ( www.TED.com   more animated; you can bump and push other  applications; set-up more like a messy desk) Multitasking o When do you do it?   when you’re trying to do hw, when you’re doing  nothing
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This note was uploaded on 03/22/2009 for the course COMP 001 taught by Professor Nicholas during the Spring '09 term at UNC.

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09notes - Lecture 2: Computers and how we use them...

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