09notes - Intellectual Property *Jennifer Jenkins Speaker...

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Intellectual Property 02/02/2009 10:38:00 ***Jennifer Jenkins Speaker #1 at 5:30 pm tonight!!! What is intellectual property? Intellectual property law protects our right to make money from the products of our intellects and imaginations. o Involves creative works that are not intangible works Ex. If I make a hammer, then that’s something that I made, but I didn’t create it. This law doesn’t protect the “Ethics” book itself, but it protects its contents within it. Copyright: a few history notes o Invented in order to help the government make money off of its own pamphlets, etc. Adopted by common creators who said they should be able to make money off of their work as well. o The idea is that if we protect the artist’s rights of the material that they are creating, then the artist will make more and it will increase the intellectual life. o About intellectual property… Patent o Applies to a process; so, you’re not copyrighting a single thing that exists (a book, poem, sculpture). o
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09notes - Intellectual Property *Jennifer Jenkins Speaker...

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