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Lecture 5: Usability, Reliability, Security 11/02/2009 10:36:00 Systems that computers control How good is the software? How good is the interface? How reliable and secure is the software? Reasons for failure “Our civilization runs on software, yet the art of creating it continues to be a dark mystery, even to the experts. And the greater our ambitions , the more spectacularly we seem to fail ” –Scott Rosenberg, Dreaming in Code Systems that computers control: Financial: banking, stock market, commerce, e-commerce Medical: diagnostics, life-support Communications/networks: phones, 911, web, more… Building controls: HVAC, security, lights Military: Basic infrastructure o o Water: sewer, traffic signals, transportations systems o Air traffic control, air craft, etc. First State: Usability How do we evaluate software? 3 Questions: o How usable is it? o How reliable is it? o How secure is it? Usability
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Remember: the computer is a tool! A useful tool should: o Help you achieve WHAT you want, in less time, with minimal effort… o Adjust to exceptions quickly and easily Characteristics of a useful tool: o Easy to learn (intuitive) o Easy to remember how to use it (once you have used it once) o Standardized O.S. (operating systems), for example User Interface and GUI: definitions? o
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18notes - Lecture 5: Usability, Reliability, Security...

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