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Speaker #2: Mike Reiter 16/02/2009 15:39:00 Bad code + big networks=big problems Geographic spread of Sapphire worm 30 minutes after release Source: http://www.caida.org CodeRed worm (Summer 2001) o Infected 360,000 hosts in 10 hours (CRv2), and still going… Sapphire/Slammer worm (Spring 2003) o 90% of Internet scanned in <10 minutes November 2, 1988 The date of the 1 st internet worm Launched by a Cornell CS graduate student, Robert Morris Exploited several software vulnerabilities o A buffer overflow vulnerability in fingered. o The debug option of sendmail Also exploited human tendency to choose passwords that can be guessed via an automated search Morris never intended to propagate a worm that spread to the magnitude that it did (was not intentional). Incidents Reported to CERT/CC Total incidents reported (1988-2003)=319, 992 IT Giveth, and IT Taketh Away In the US, for example, two-thirds of productivity increases from 1990-2000 are attributed to the use of IT At the same time, businesses are bleeding due to disruption in IT services.
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1999-Melissa virus; $1 billion in damages (computer economics) 2000-Lloyds of London put the estimate for Love Bug $15 billion; 3.9 millions systems infected; 30 days to clean up 2001-CodeRed cost $1.2 billion in damages and $740 million to clean up from the 260,000 infected servers (Reuters) 2003-Slammer $1 billion in damages Malware is becoming increasingly stealthy “Bagle-Worm” graph 1 shows # of distinct variants in the “bagle-worm” that were going on in that day (January 9-February 25, 2007) graph 2 shows instances per-variant on average of the “bagle-worm” (same dates) Hacking To be annoying o Newsday technology writer and hacker critic found… Email box jammed with thousands of messages Phone reprogrammed to an out of state number where caller’s heart an obscenity loaded recorded message (Time Magazine, Dec 12, 1994) To be seriously annoying o An international group attacked major companies: MCI WorldCom, Sprint,
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mikereiter - Speaker#2 Mike Reiter 15:39:00 Bad code big...

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