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  Political rhetoric of 9-11 Presidential rhetoric of 9-11 9-11 influence on political rhetoric 50% of grade is the analytical paper – narrative framing look at the transcript of a media event, then pull up a NYT or WP article about the event, look at how the newspaper framed its coverage. Discuss alternative frame. 50% of grade = short essay final exam readings = book = September 11, 2001 – pointer institute (will be at student stores) stuff on reserve - .pdfs on blackboard web links (see syllabus for urls) lots of presidential transcripts, etc. some speeches marked = view no real attendance policy :D 1/15/08 I. Rhetorical Presidency a. presidential rhetoric a. focus on rhetoric of individual presidents b. studying specific speeches, esp. important ones. c. Genres of speeches – sets of speeches w/ unique, identifiable  characteristics  i. (inaugurals, farewell addresses, states of the union, etc.) ii. speeches about a specific topic iii. speeches a president makes responding to a particular  exigence  (an event that demands a rhetorical response) b. rhetorical presidency a. the institution of the presidency a rhetorical phenomenon b. rhetorical institution c. history of presidential rhetoric dating back to G. Washington
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i. bully pulpit  – president has ability to persuade people to  back their agenda b/c of unique power to control national  agenda ii. presidency becomes a rhetorical institution in mid 20 th  cent. B/c of modern media 1.
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notes.doc - Political rhetoric of 9-11 Presidential...

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