08 - changed and everybody realized it as it happened •...

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2/21/08 Impact cont’d Strong response in polls that military response was necessary – 90% Was it possible for Bush to create a different response? Not really. People come together emotionally, president as proxy.  o President as embodiment of people o Bush benefits from “rally around the flag” effect – becomes  recipient of people’s response o 90% approval ratings after 9-11 President’s address taking into account what regular people experienced or no? o no – even though speechwriters were evacuated from the white  house and wrote a speech while hiding in another office,  communications director had Bush give a speech she’d written on  air force one.  Rupture Epochal moment described as a moment where everything is changing o rare that such momentous change is so visible o compared to pearl harbor, JFK assassination, etc. – everything 
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Unformatted text preview: changed and everybody realized it as it happened. • Parallel to a new generational call o Will this generation equal the greatest generation, answer the call, etc. • “this is america’s loss of innocence.” o Critics complain that this is a press fallback o Used a lot – they said it about Oklahoma city bombing o With 9-11 it meant we were vulnerable to the outside world, holiday from history was over. o Notion that the world has changed in ways we don’t understand • People are overwhelmed o The attack is beyond imagination – “unthinkable” “unspeakable” “no words” o Hollywood terms – “like something from a movie” o Nobody has any idea what happens next End of notes. Watched film in class....
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08 - changed and everybody realized it as it happened •...

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