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3.25.08 the oval office address Context Development of key themes begins o Old metanarrative that had been used for decades was no longer in play o What was attacked? Physical buildings, New York, etc… Freedom Civilization, our way of life – who we are as a people o Identity Why us -> asked repeatedly in the aftermath of the attack “why they hate us” we got attacked b/c of who we are (not what we did) US foreign policy in the middle east… Rhetoric at it’s most basic is about questions of identity – who we are and automatically talks about who the other guy isn’t Presidential address – says “we” a lot – “we responded” etc… What action is called for? Identify those responsible o Don’t lash out before identifying guilty parties – messing that up would undermine credibility, be immoral… o Bring them to justice o * First use of the phrase – War on Terrorism The week of the attack The context o Distinct events running together
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