08 - 4.3.08 President Bushs speech at the national day of...

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4.3.08 President Bush’s speech at the national day of prayer and remembrance Two types of people that died People that chose the manner of their death o Firefighters, emergency workers, etc o Firemen running into the building and up the stairs, etc o “active” deaths…chose the manner of their deaths o some firemen/cops want a separate memorial for their 9-11 dead People who died in a passive way – ordinary people o Regular people in the wrong place at the wrong time o People who happened to be on a plane or working in an office Lauguage in the speech Evil o Makes it more of a religious quest – ridding the world of evil Murder o Describes the events as “murder” rather than just them killing people o More explicit – there are lots of categories where you can kill a person w/o it being murder (self defense, an accident, military people killing eachother in a war) De-legitimizes the terrorists/act of “war” – it’s not a legitimate act of war if its murder, and its murder b/c it’s a sneak attack on civilians Illegitimate use of force New metanarrative o Built on the shoulders of previous metanarrative – “us is fierce when angered” o US understanding of why we go to war US only goes to war in legitimate situations Righteous war… Has been part of the American metanarrative for generations o They started it, we’ll finish it Big long section on prayer, mourning, etc. o
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08 - 4.3.08 President Bushs speech at the national day of...

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