08 - 911 and Flight Meant different things o In the dark...

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4/15/08 911 and Flight Meant different things… o In the dark ages – they sold tickets to regular people just to go to the airport and see the planes Now you can’t do that because flying is part of everyday life o Means o Sept. 10 = airlines – most hated corporations in the US Sept. 11this changed o All air traffic grounded immediately Reopened a few days later Regan national was closed for a much longer time than the rest of the airports b/ c of its location in DC o Very few people were flying after 9-11 Planes w/ 10 people on them Fears that airlines would go bankrupt o Bailout Victims’ families could get a whole bunch of money in exchange for agreeing to never sue the airlines Was supposed to help keep a lawsuit from bankrupting them If there was a big class action suit against the airlines for 9-11, they’d go under immediately Head off a ripple effect from the airlines closing down – would have caused tons of job losses not only from the airlines (pilots, flight attendants, etc) but the
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