Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Chapter 3 Vocabulary - 6. racism- the conscious or...

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Mesa Community College Student Number 20 Course: EDU 221 – Introduction to Education Ch. 3 – Sociological Perspectives on Students and Families 1. prejudice - preconceived negative attitude toward the members of a group 2. values - principles, standards, or qualities that are considered worthwhile or desirable 3. chemical dependency - the habitual use, for psychological or physical needs, of a substance such as drugs, alcohol, or tobacco 4. ethnocentrism - the belief that members of one's own group are superior to the members of other groups. 5. socialization - the process of learning the social norms of one's culture
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Unformatted text preview: 6. racism- the conscious or unconscious belief that racial differences make one group superior to others 7. sexism- the conscious or unconscious belief that men are superior to women and subsequent behavior and action that maintain the superior, powerful position of males 8. ableism- the conscious or unconscious belief that persons with disabilities are inferior to persons without disabilities 9. resiliency- the ability to overcome overwhelming obstacles to achieve and be successful in school and life 10. self-efficacy- the belief that one can control one's life...
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