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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Chapter 4 Vocabulary - Mesa Community College Course EDU...

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Mesa Community College Student Number 20 Course: EDU 221 – Introduction to Education Chapter 4 – Multicultural Perspectives in Education 1. Functionalists view schools …as important in supporting technological development, material well-being, and democracy. 2. Conflict theorists view schools …as reproductive of society, but in ways less noble than those described by functionalists. Conflict theorists conclude that schools have been structured to maintain the power and dominance of individuals and groups that benefit most from the current system. 3. Resistance theory allows for the possibility that …people can change the system of reproduction by encouraging the development of schools that are not based on domination and submission and that actually model democracy. 4. hidden curriculum – the informal curriculum that defines the behaviors and attitudes of students and teachers in classrooms and schools 5. multicultural education
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