07 - o Service poor and deprived Sterilization and...

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WMST 2.13.07 Most babies born on Friday or Saturday because women take the week to get everything ready before the baby comes Reproductive Issues History and Politics Fertility control Population control Reproductive freedom History of Reproduction: Always a controlled process o Individual o Community o Family o state, etc. Varied of remedies and tools in pregnancy prevention and interruption o Abortion o Birth control Laws regulating reproduction—1820s o Mainly dealing with preventing abortion o Abortions mostly by white upper-class women Reproduction as an intersection of: State control Cultural control Individual “rights” o Raids on abortion clinics o Criminalizing abortion by printing names in the paper o 15,000 died a year in abortions o Got even worse during depression—domain went from wealthy women, but to poor women as well because women could not get a job if pregnant (ex. Teachers get fired if get pregnant)
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Unformatted text preview: o Service poor and deprived Sterilization and Eugenics: Mid 19 th century eugenics movement From 1907-eugenics laws; 1927 US Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of VA sterilization laws 1930s-1940s most compulsory sterilizations US eugenics model adopted by Nazi Germany Eugenics and miscegenation laws Stats: US has most delivered babies from ages 15-19 year oldsshows our cultural views of childhood and sexuality Highest Teen Birth Rate: MI, TX, AZ, AR, NM (2000) Lowest Teen Birth Rate: Mass, NH, VT, ME, ND (all northeastern except ND) Highest Abortion Rate of teens: DC, NJ, NY, ND, NV, CA (states that still have abortion facilities80% of counties in US do not have facilities) Reproductive Health: Is really of the whole person Includes: physical, mental, and emotional health...
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07 - o Service poor and deprived Sterilization and...

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