Chapter 5 Vocabulary

Chapter 5 Vocabulary - Mesa Community College Course EDU...

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Mesa Community College Student Number 20 Course: EDU 221 – Introduction to Education Chapter 5 – Organizing and Paying for American Education in a Changing World 1. policy-to-practice continuum – for education to improve, the agencies and people at each point along the continuum have to do their job as well; all have to trust people and agencies at other points along the continuum; 2. line relationship – when one person has the authority, at least to some degree, to direct, monitor, and evaluate the work of the subordinate 3. staff relationship – no formal supervisory authority of one person over the other 4. principal – the final authority at the school; typically responsible for instructional leadership, community relationships, staff, teacher selection and evaluation, pupil personnel, building and grounds, budgets, administration of personnel, provisions of contracts, administration of the attendance center office, and business management; line relationship with the district superintendent. 5. site-based decision making (SBDM) – the approach as a result of pressure to create special committees of teachers and parents to work with the principal in making school decisions 6. grade level or team leaders – full-time teachers who assume a communication and coordination role for their grade level(s) or team 7. teachers – the single largest group of adults in the school; often isolate themselves in their classroom as a result of egg-crate architecture of schools 8. school support staff – other personnel who support the administrators and teachers; most important: school secretary, library media specialist, custodians. 9. organization chart – the picture of the working relationship of all the personnel whom work in the school building 10. local board of education – given legal authority for operating school systems through state statutes; statutes prescribe how school board members are to be chosen and what duties and responsibilities they have in office; the terms of board members, procedures for selecting officers of the board, duties of the officers, and procedures for filling any vacancies; local citizens serving as school board members, or
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Chapter 5 Vocabulary - Mesa Community College Course EDU...

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