Night and Fog

Night and Fog - Night and Fog displays the various forms in...

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“Night and Fog” displays the various forms in which Nazi Germany exercised power over the Jews. The initial power over individuals was gained through force. They were captured with brute force and put into a train, and if there was resistance or an uprising they would merely be overcome through the use of weapons. The Jews were stripped to their naked bodies as soon as they arrived to the concentration camps and made to feel like they were less than human. They were then tattooed with a number stripping them of all their pride and self dignity. No longer were they known by their name, but merely their number which further dehumanized them. The Nazis exercised this power continually through instilling a constant, endless fear through the SS. They were starved and worked all day and had no strength to rise up in opposition to the Nazis. The Jews were helpless due to the fact that the Nazis had complete control over them both mentally and physically. Analysis of this dehumanizing power is imperative to
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