Power is constituted in the film through the use of fear

Power is constituted in the film through the use of fear -...

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Power is constituted in the film through the use of fear. The War Game looked at thermal nuclear weapons and the mass destruction they caused. Nations gained power by obtaining these massive weapons which instill enormous amounts of fear in the other nations. The effects are shown to be tremendous through looking at the citizens of Kent. It is interesting to look at a certain aspect of the film when someone who has afforded to buy a bomb shelter pulls out his gun from his bomb shelter, and he proceeds to say that if someone tries to get in his shelter with him he will shoot them. This case is not portrayed as uncommon and he attempts to exercise power through the use of weapons in the same which
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Unformatted text preview: power is used over him. It is in his self-interest and selfishness that he will shoot anyone who tries to enter his shelter; however, it is only to protect his life. I would also like to address the power at the end of the film which the government attempts to constitute. The government sends in armed policemen to control the crowds; however, they are overthrown and killed in some instances due to the starvation and desperation of the people. The apathetic attitude held by the people leads to this chaos and loss of power by the government. Thus, power is ultimately exercised to look out for ones self interests first and disregard others....
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