Resistance can be viewed from many aspects in this film

Resistance can be viewed from many aspects in this film -...

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Resistance can be viewed from many aspects in this film. The Mexican-American miners exercise resistant through the formation of a union. The miners picket and refuse to go back to work unless there demands are met. They are using their labor as a force and tool for negotiation. Their resistance is contested by both the owners of the company. They send groups to break up their picket line, don't allow them to get food from the general store, locked up Mr. Quintero on false charges, and ultimately get a court order to make them go back to work. This leads to the resistance led by the wives of these miners. They take a stand and begin picketing and end up going to jail for it as well. The women not only resisted in the name of the union but in the name of women. There is a dialogue in which Esperanza is talking to
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Unformatted text preview: her husband, Ramon, in which she conveys that she is sick of being kept down in the same way that the mine owners are doing to him. It is not until the end of the film in which Ramon realizes that equality is not only being denied to him in the mine because he is Mexican-American, but also to his wife because of the fact that she is a woman. The Unions resistance ultimately succeeds when the men and women come together; however, the women definitely proved themselves in their resistance. They were more composed than the men and went to jail freely in order to prevent them from being able to charge them with resisting arrest. They were also much more persistent and unwilling to give up at all cost. However, it was together that they were able to defeat the mining bosses....
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