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Facing the Extreme

Facing the Extreme - wealth 3 The party would have to play...

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Facing the Extreme Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943) Warsaw Uprising (1944) 1944 – uprising in Warsaw Poland and they believe the Soviet Troops will come in and aid them Soviets let the Germans crush the uprising because they didn’t want to deal with the Polish National movement Germaine Tillium – consultant for Night and Fog Vladimir Lenin – Russian Marxist Russia didn’t have strong capitalist framework 1. Implement highly disciplined party 2. The party will have to lead workers to do this and convince them they are the source of all
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Unformatted text preview: wealth 3. The party would have to play the role that the capital owners play Joseph Stalin – notices that there aren’t revolutions in places like America, Germany because workers can be bought off Workers aren’t thinking about what would be best for them Very day to day concerns Felt that the first Revolution would not take place in the place where Marx thought; but instead would take place in Russia “som in one nation” Few consumer goods Localize/centralize farms for control Milovan Djilas –...
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