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Lesson 3 - V Personality and Stress A Type A a Never...

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Stress and Health Lifetime Fitness Lesson 3, (Chapter 2) I. What is stress and what effect does it have on a healthy lifestyle? A. Linked to disease B. Declines in daily performance and completion of daily tasks C. Reduction in quality of life if poorly managed II. Can stress be beneficial? A. Necessary for growth and development III. The Psychological or Cognitive Response to Stress IV. The Physiological Response to Stress A. Three stage response a. Alarm i. Fight or flight response ii. Increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and nervous system b. Resistance i. Body adjusts to stress c. Exhaustion i. Results if stress is persistent B. Exercise and Stress Reduction a. Aids endocrine system b. Used to relieve stress
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Unformatted text preview: V. Personality and Stress A. Type A a. Never satisfied with level of achievement, tense B. Type B a. Easy going, relaxed VI. Coping with Stress and Stress Management A. Defense mechanisms aren’t always effective VII. Creating a Healthy Lifestyle: Your Personal Responsibility A. Muscle to mind a. Muscle tensing and relaxing b. Massage c. Biofeedback B. Mind to Muscle a. Yoga b. Meditation c. Imagery d. Hypnosis VIII. Cancer A. Second leading cause of death B. Linked to cellular behavior IX. Effects of Exercise and Diet on Cancer A. Reduces certain types of cancer a. Enhances enzymes that reduce free radical formation B. Eating healthy reduces risk of cancer...
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Lesson 3 - V Personality and Stress A Type A a Never...

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