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lobs - correctly the point can be won outright • Lobs can...

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Richard Pieringer Lobs Background: A lob is a shot which is hit high and deep in the court. Generally, lobs should be hit high enough not to be reached by the opponent at the net; however, not so high that the opponent has time to run back and hit the ball. Topspin is used in order to help keep the ball in the court yet still high enough. Start by dropping the racquet a little lower than usual, and swing from low to high. The racquet should get under the ball and you follow through over your shoulder. Purpose: Offensive: When the opponent is at the net, a lob is used to hit it over their head and if hit
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Unformatted text preview: correctly the point can be won outright. • Lobs can also be used in order to change the pace of the game. Defensive: • When the opponent pushes you out of the court, a lob can be used to allow yourself time to get back in the point. Drill: • Have both partners stand at the baseline and attempt to lob it back and forth to each other. Remember to practice hitting the ball with topspin in order to keep the ball high enough so that a player at the net would not be able to hit it, and also to hit it deep....
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