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Joyce McHenry Guidance, Management, and the Environment Observation 5 Community To start off with, I am going to type my notes from this class and the highlighted portions of my textbook to reference when I need them. There was so much incredible information that I learned from this class that I think will be invaluable in my classroom and any interaction I have with children in my life. While difficult to implement into your everyday vocabulary, the idea behind mistaken behavior is a great one. Children obviously do not consciously make decisions to anger or irritate their parents; they’re simply making choices that seem logical to them at the moment of action. I really liked the premise behind mistake behavior. I also like the idea behind guidance, not discipline. With guidance, you are helping your children learn to make appropriate decisions instead of disciplining them for making a bad choice. I love that the words the book chooses to use in place of others (mistaken behavior in
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Unformatted text preview: place of misbehavior, guidance in place of discipline) are much more beneficial to children. When first looking at these words, I immediately thought of the difference in the connotation between the two words and the difference that could make to a child’s self-esteem. Wow. I was impressed. Something else I learned is that the two most important things I need in order to be a positive, effective teacher are patience and flexibility. I can’t regimen time when there may be more conflicts one day than the next. I also can’t help my kids to learn from their conflicts and build empathy and conflict management skills if I myself don’t take the time and have the patience to explain and help the kids work through their problems. Kids require patience. If I want to make a difference and help my kids learn and grow, I am going to have to devote time to making them better people. You learn more effectively when you have the confidence in yourself that you can....
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