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Richard Pieringer Phya 109; Sect 004 Dietary Analysis October 1, 2007 I am fairly pleased with my eating habits. While I may eat too much sodium and too much food period, I try and eat my serving of fruit and vegetables every day, and I normally manage to do this. I need to really work on how much fat and cholesterol I take in on a daily basis. A lot of time my cholesterol intake is way too high. This dietary analysis has already caused me to change one part of my diet. I have begun drinking diet soda and trying to cut back on all of the cholesterol I take in every day.
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Unformatted text preview: Some strategies which may help me change are to eat healthy, balanced meals at the dining hall and to watch the junk food I eat late at night, especially right before bed. I realized that I really do not need to be taking a multivitamin due to the fact that I obtain nearly all of my recommended value of vitamins and minerals through my normal consumption of food, and I am just wasting my money....
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