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Ch. 1 - Ch 1 Introduction Matter and Measurement 1.1The...

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Ch. 1: Introduction: Matter and Measurement 1. The Study of Chemistry A. The Atomic and Molecular Perspective of Chemistry a. Chemistry involves studying the properties and behavior of matter i. Matter – the physical material of the universe ii. Property – any characteristic that allows us to recognize a particular type of matter and to distinguish it from other types iii. Element – a substance that cannot be separated into simpler substance by chemical means iv. Compound – composed of two or more elements v. Atoms – almost infinitesimally small building blocks of matter 1. Each element is composed of a unique kind of atom vi. Molecules – two or more atoms are joined together in specific shapes 1. Minor differences in the composition or structure of molecules can cause profound differences in their properties Ex. Ethanol is the alcohol in beer and wine, and ethylene glycol is used as automobile antifreeze B. Why Study Chemistry? a. Provides important understanding of our world and how it works b. Chemistry is the “central science” 2. Classifications of Matter A. Two principal ways of classifying matter a. Physical state b. Composition B. States of Matter a. Gas (aka vapor) i. No fixed volume or shape 1. it conforms to the shape and volume of its container ii. molecules are far apart and moving at high speeds, colliding repeatedly b. Liquid
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i. Distinct volume, but no specific shape ii. Molecules are packed more closely together, but still move rapidly over each other 1. This property allows liquids to pour easily c. Solid i. Definite shape and volume ii. Molecules are held tightly together, usually in definite arrangements C.
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