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Chemistry 101: General Descriptive Chemistry Fall 2007 Section 001 MWF 9:00-9:50am in CP201 Pre-requisite: Math 10 (It is an honor code violation to be enrolled in a class without the proper pre- and co-requisites.) Instructor: Stacy Chamberlin email: Phone: 962-2304 Office: Venable Trailer A-6 (will move to Kenan Labs in September) Office Hours: Personal: Monday 11:00am-1:00pm in Venable Trailer A-6, or by appointment if necessary Group Problem Solving Sessions: Tues. and Wed. 11:00am-1:00pm in Caudill Labs 238 (Location and time for these sessions will change at the end of September) Resources You Will Need: Text: , 10 th Edition Calculator: You need a non-programmable, scientific calculator or a programmable calculator with all programs and equations erased from memory for exams and quizzes. On-line: This course will be managed through Blackboard ( ). Handouts, grade information, practice problems for exams, and general information regarding the course will be available at the Blackboard site. You will need an UNC ONYEN and password to get onto this site. I will also be sending out reminders or general class information by email using your UNC ONYEN email. Peer Study Group: Most students find this class challenging. I strongly recommend that you form a study group of 3-4 fellow students to do homework, study for exams and generally survive your first college chemistry experience. Other resources: Free Tutoring: Free tutorial sessions are available in room Morehead 305 (General Chemistry Resource Center) from 1–7 pm Monday through Thursday. Graduate students and senior chemistry majors are available to help you with problems and locate resources. Please note that the Chemistry Resource Center will move to Kenan Labs in September. Private Tutors: A list of private tutors can be found in the Chemistry Resource Center. If study sessions and free tutoring are not helping, I suggest that you find a private tutor. They are well worth the money given the cost of retaking the course.
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Chemistry_101_Section_001_Syllabus - Chemistry 101: General...

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