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Velloman – against the institutional right to die Consequentialist’s Worries Killed indiscriminately? Not a worry People will not be able to make the decision well? Assumes this isn’t a worry Doctors will abuse privilege? Not a worry Gives someone an option they may not otherwise have Sometimes it can be bad to give someone an option All of a sudden, the best option is something different than would have been your best option before A teller who doesn’t know the combination to the safe is in a much better situation than someone who knows the combination (In a hold up, if they don’t know the code they cant open up the safe but if they do they open up the safe)
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Unformatted text preview: New options make it impossible to have status quo without choosing it A party invitation that you don’t want A right to die takes away the option of staying alive by default. You now have pressure to die and you are no longer able to live the status quo. Your perceived options have changed, and so staying alive is a choice that must be justified DEATH AS AN OPTION GIVES YOU NEW REASONS FOR DYING If you don’t ordinarily see death as an option, a right to die may make you start to see it as a Responsibility We as a society, should say that that gift will not be accepted What should the policy be? No policy at all – failure to enforce rules prohibiting it, or no rules at all...
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