Midterm 4

Midterm 4 - In the case that my significant other has an...

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In the case that my significant other has an inoperable brain tumor and will be dead within three months I would have to make the difficult decision to end her life. With the fact that my significant other begs for me to help her die and that the pain will only intensify until there death, I would kill them in order for her to be free from the earthly pain and not have to suffer any longer. The decision would be an extremely difficult one to make; however, this is her wish and I will be brave and compassionate to let go. First of all, killing is not necessarily worse than letting someone die. James Rachels discusses the case of the two uncles in order to demonstrate his point that killing is no worse than letting die. In Rachels’ case, Jones and Smith will gain a hefty inheritance if their six-year-old cousin dies. Smith enters in the bathroom while the kid is taking a shower and drowns him. On the other hand, Jones enters into the bathroom with the intentions to kill his cousin, but as he enters the child slips and hits his head. Jones stands by and watches as the child drowns. While Jones did not kill the child each act is as reprehensible as the other. Therefore, there is in fact no difference between killing and letting die. This can be applied to my case because there is no difference between killing my loved one than letting them die from there disease. Winston
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Midterm 4 - In the case that my significant other has an...

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