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Tom Regan discuses the rights view as it relates to animals in his article entitled “The Case for Animal Rights.” He argues that animals are the “subject-of-a-life” in the same way that a human is the “subject-of-a-life.” Regan includes animals over 1-year old in his evaluation and potential more. By a subject of a life Regan means that a creature has experiences, beliefs, desires, and preferences. It also entails that one acts intentionally with a psychophysical identity over time. Finally, the subject of a life has welfare interest and a memory.
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Unformatted text preview: Regan would reply that animal testing would not be justified regardless of the fact that the drug has high promises in treating adolescent depression. Animals have a right to not be harmed based on the fact that they are subjects of a life just as you and I are subjects of a life. A vivisectionists would likely argue a Utilitarian viewpoint that drug testing is necessary to make sure they are harmful. Non-harmful drugs have a benefit to humankind which far outweighs this right. However, according to Regan risks are non transferrable and cant be...
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