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First Short Written Assignment

First Short Written Assignment - Judith Jarvis...

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Judith Jarvis Thomson writes “A Defense of Abortion.” Thomson begins by disagreeing with the common approach that determining whether or not the fetus is a human being or person is the moral question which should be asked when determining the morality of abortion. Instead, Thomson permits the statement that the fetus is a person; however, the general argument does not follow as many anti-abortionists believe it to. Being a person from the moment of conception does not immediately grant the fetus to a right to life or that the mother carry the fetus to term. Thomson relies upon the unconscious violinist example in which she states that you wake up one morning to discover that you are lying in bed with a famous unconscious violinist. The Society of Music Lovers determined that you’re the only one with the same blood type as the violinist, and the violinist needs your kidneys in order to filter his blood to continue living. She then proceeds to ask, do you have to support this musician?
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