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ANTH - Tai Chi Yin – Yang Yin and Tai-Chi mean...

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Oceans Terra = 71% water (3% Fresh) Arctic Atlantic Indian Pacific Southern Hydrosphere: Atmosphere Surface Underground Chandra 10,000 – 140,000 miles out Elliptical orbit Shorter wavelengths Spitzer Longer wavelength x-rays doesn’t orbit the earth heat shield toward the sun Spirals Taoism Lao Tzu (604-531 BC) China Tao = ‘way’ Tao Te Ching ( Book of the Way) I Ching (Book of Changers) Tao = ‘first cause’ Life force/presence
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Composition / manifestation Wu – Chi (nothingness) ––––> Tai – Chi Interrelationship
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Unformatted text preview: Tai Chi / Yin – Yang Yin and Tai-Chi mean nothingness Yang means being Yin Yang Night Dusk Day Earth Biosphere Sky Female Estrogen and Testosterone Male Open Proportional Spiral of Pythagoras Coil Spiral of Archimedes Milky Way Galaxy 200 – 400 million stars Diameter = 100,000 l.y 7,000 l.y. thick Sol Solar System 28,000 l.y. to galactic center (Sagittarius) 20 l.y above galactic plane 220 million years, orbit around galactic center Orion Arm/ Spur...
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