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Donovan Miske DES 02/09/2009 Lab 4: Testing Hypothesis about Patterns of Inheritance Sec 9 Jeffery Pre-Lab Purpose Statement: In this lab our overall goal is to understand how inheritance and its components relate to one another through the path of breeding. Another goal in performing this experiment is to familiarize ourselves with all the components necessary such as Punnett Sqaures, Chi-Sqaured Tests, Ratio’s of genotype and phenotype. The two of these goals also combine to provide an understanding of the diversity amongst all organisms and their mutual evolution. Methods Summary: Since this particular lab has many steps within many steps I’ve decided to give an overall summary. By using software that simulates the path of alleles through parent to offspring and then to further offspring we’re going to predict and test the results of particular cross breeding. After doing this we’re going to test our hypothesis by using all the different methods associates – Chi-Sqaured Tests, Intuition, Logistical Deduction. By
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