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Donovan Miske DES 2/22/09 Lab 6: Avida-ED Sec 1 Jeffery Pre-lab 6: Avida-ED 1. Purpose Statement: In this lab we’re going to explore what evolution means with a hands on approach that’ll help us conceive that evolution happens to populations instead of individuals as is commonly believed. In doing so we’re going to familiarize ourselves with Avida-ED so much that we can later perform a unique experiment of our design. We’re going to study and analyze our very own Avidians. 2. Methods Summary: Since there are many steps that mostly involve familiarizing ourselves with the Avida-ED interface and some of its simple functions I’m going to elect to give an over-view of the procedure. We’re going to most study a random “ancestor” avidian and also a few that we evolved from the ancestor such as a “not” and a further evolved avidian. In doing so we’re going to compare and contrast the differences in evolution overtime in different trials of the same avidians and some new ones. The process
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