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Observation 1 - EED212 Section 5170 Spring 2007 Joyce...

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EED212 Section 5170 Spring 2007 Joyce McHenry February 14, 2007 Observation #1; Age Appropriate Activities (Ages Infants and 3) Time Beginning: 12:30 Time Ending: 1:15 Location: TC404 Goal : I am attending class to observe the children on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at MCC. Objective : I will observe the children and any disciplinary actions needed and apply that to the information provided in the book on discipline in chapters 1, 3, and 4. Social: Does the child demonstrate or initiate the following: Attention-seeking behaviors: o I don’t believe any of them expressed attention-seeking behavior, I think they were all just acting according to their age when they became frustrated or excited. Interaction o The three older boys were definitely interactive in their actions. They played with one another and made sure to avoid hitting the little ones when racing their cars. o Penelope and Delaney interacted in that they observed the rest of the room and responded with screeches according to the level of excitement in the room. Pro-Social Skills o All of the children displayed some aspect of pro-social skills. The older boys by playing with one another; Victor by following everyone around the room and then exploring; Penelope, Delaney and Avianna by sitting in someone’s lap and observing the room. Dependency/Independency o The three older boys, Nathan, Diego and Anthony were extremely independent by playing by themselves and only a mild interest in the other adults and children in the room. o Penelope was dependent in that she couldn’t sit up by herself yet and she did not like to lie on her belly. She wanted to be sitting up, so someone would sit with her and hold her up so that she could watch the goings-on. o
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Observation 1 - EED212 Section 5170 Spring 2007 Joyce...

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