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Hist 107 lecture 6

Hist 107 lecture 6 - A THE ORIGINS OF ISLAM Arabia on the...

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A. THE ORIGINS OF ISLAM - Arabia: on the edges of empires: Organized by clans, confederations of clans, never subject to the rule of the romans or the sassinids, clans end up serving as mercenaries for the romans and the saddinids. They engage in trade and commerce. Krishnias were well to do in the area. - Muhammad: revelation and the umma: Around 610 he is receiving revelations and visions in the dessert. He says that they come from Allah, and says that Allah is the one true God. He says this is the same God who spoke to Abraham and Jesus and Muhammad says he is the final prophet. The Umma are the followers of islam the community of true believers. : In 622 Muhammad leaves mecca and goes to medina it is called the hidjrah and is “the flight” and beginning of the Islamic calendar. By 630 Muhammad goes back to mecca and take control and clears out the shrines to the other gods at the ka’ba. - The Five Pillars of Islam: the Qu‘ran (Koran): hadith: Only one true god, praying 5 times a day, giving alms, fasting during Ramadan, making a hadjj to mecca. His revelations are written down over time and
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