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PRELUDE: Political Division and Viking Invasions: Collapse of the Carolingian Order A. THOSE WHO FIGHT (BELLATORES) - Land and service in the post-Carolingian world (feudalism?): Power begins to dissolve to a local level. Is this really feudalism? Feudalism might not be the best term. Hierarchical, non-egalitarian. Potentes are the people with more power or the elite of the early world. The paupares are the poor or underprivileged. - Hierarchy and service in the post-Carolingian world – the further down the hierarchy you are the more you should just shut up. - The potentes: military-personal bonds among elite-- Milieus are potentes or knights, more like thugs. There is a rapid growth of castles in this age…or forts. The social B. THOSE WHO WORK (LABORATORES) - Hierarchy and service: bonds between potentes and paupers: people are not frozen into these catagories.
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Unformatted text preview: - Anselm of Laon: the divinely ordained nature of servitude : this society reflects divine will- The Book of Serfs of Marmoutier C. THOSE WHO PRAY (ORATORES)- The Economy of Prayer: charity, the divine offices and the souls of the dead: There is stories centered around the church that helps keep order. - Life, Death and Judgment: The Saved and the Damned- The Peace and Truce of God: The peace of god is an attempt by the church to limit the amount of space where they can have a fight. The truce of god is when you can and cannot fight. Terms and Sources: Regino of Prum, Chronicle/fiefs(feodum)/nobiles or potentes/pauperes/castellans/ban / allods/Conques/Miracles of Saint Foy/Guy, bishop of Puy (990)...
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