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History 107 week 8 - marriages as a sin • In the year...

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History 107 11 TH and 12 th century talking about the church’s reorganization, European expansion William of Aquitaine sets up the monastery of Cluny under the protection of St. Peter, and the abbots of Cluny doesn’t have to answer to anyone except for Rome. Libertas. Cluny goes on to become a huge complex with a lot of power in the world, other houses are founded all over Europe with Cluny as the ‘mother house’ The monastery shouldn’t be subject to the secular world, we see that the church needs to reclaim some of its original purity and abstract itself from the world of secular politics around it. The notion develops that all Christian society needs to become a huge monastic principal Simony: the buying and selling of church offices Clerical marriage is another problem within the church; the church reformers see clerical
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Unformatted text preview: marriages as a sin. • In the year 1022 there is a burning of a group of heretics, and this is the first recorded instance with a trial and death penalty for heresy. The church is changing its definition of what a proper Christian society is. • Emperor appoints a pope, but leo is appointed pope formally by a group of bishops saying that he is doing something different, this is a canonical election. • Leo is the first reforming pope • Gregory the 7 th (1073-1085) disagrees with Henry about who should invest the bishops with the symbols of their office. Gregory places a increased importance on the donation of Constantine. • Henry calls Gregory a false pope, and Gregory goes to stay with Matilda a countess in France. Henry shows up and begs Gregory to forgive him....
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