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Prehistoric Life Exam Review: Evolution of Dinosaurs Evolution of Humans Creationism Answer 30 questions Short essay is on the creationist perspective for 5 points Average grade will be a B to B+ On the presentations the questions will come from the 10 points 1 important point from each presentation, 10 or so questions will come from his lectures Focus on Astralupothecis, pronpathus, homo habilis, homo erectus, homo antecessor, homo ergaster,
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Unformatted text preview: homo nerandertalinsis, homo sapiens The common ancestor of humans and chimps lived about 8 million yrs ago, cenazoic era was when primate evolution occurred Go through notes on dino biology…questions come directly from the ppt When did dinosaurs first evolve---late Triassic What is a Marosupian Dinosaur is not a parasaur of a lizzerd, only a dinosaura…characterized my ankle and lack of flank feathers...
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