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Movie Review Form

Movie Review Form - 7 Do ethnicity factors or cultural...

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Mesa Community College Course: EDU222 – Introduction to the Exceptional Learner Movie Review: #1 #2 Joyce McHenry 1. Movie Title: _______________________________________ 2. Producer: _________________________________________ 3. Location of filming: _________________________________ 4. What assumptions does the movie make about the exceptionality portrayed? How realistic is it? 5. What assumptions does the movie make about families? About education? 6. What handicapping stereotypes are portrayed?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Do ethnicity factors or cultural values play a part in this story? Explain. 8. Which character do you relate to best? Why? 9. How has your character changed by the end of the story? 10. As an educator, how would you advise one of the characters? What is your scholarly basis for this advice? (Cite your text.) 11. What did you learn from this film? 12. Will you recommend this film to others? Why? 13....
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