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Health in Class Review for Final: May 9 th 12-3 in the Physics Auditorium (Physics Lecture Hall – where Orgo tests were last semester) TA’s (Jarred’s) Office Hours: 1-3 on Thursdays Biopsychosocial Model – the model that we adapted in class (regarding history of health psychology) REVIEW RESEARCH METHODS CHAPTER (Research Designs, etc.) o Ex. Know the difference b/w and experiment and descriptive study. - Theory of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior details not on final - As a class, these models: are not entire accurate, none can explain the majority of health behavior. Error rates remaining are quite high. There are a lot of mis-predictions, not comprehensive. - What is the Prospect Theory, what is Message Framing? Message framing emphasizes the valence of the message – positive/negative – gains and losses. *Review prospect theory, what it says about ways people process information about risks and gains. - Health Literacy – what is it? What is it related to?
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HealthPsychologyinClassReviewforFinal - Health in Class...

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