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Old Testament Review for Final - Old Testament Review...

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Old Testament Review Josiah – The last of the righteous kinds of Judah, he was placed on the throne at only eight years old. Destroyed all the sites of Pagan worship, and wanted to follow in the steps of David. He returned to Jerusalem after he destroyed Pagan worship sites in the surrounding areas. Then he fixed up the Temple. While they were fixing the temple, they found a copy of Deuteronomy. He was frightened after he read the curses that YHWH had put on people for abandoning him. Josiah created a reform so that YHWH would not punish them now or in future generations. He tried to unite Israel and Judah, but he was killed in a battle of the Egyptians. Lived during 7 th century BCE. Jeremiah – Considered to be one of the greatest of the Hebrew prophets. He began his public ministry during the time of Josiah, and lasted until sometime after the fall of Jerusalem. The collection of writings that are included in the Book of Jeremiah are oracles, addresses, prayers and exhortations. It is not arranged in any chronological order. He is called the “weeping prophet”, because of all the troubles he saw and what happened to the people of his homeland. His name means “YHWH is high”, which shows his name gives honor to God. He was a Levite and a priest. He prophesized about political affairs of various nations and he revealed what nations would be destroyed and which ones would rise in power. He was a true servant of God and instructed by him not to take a wife. He had a lot of enemies and death threats placed on him, which would have been difficult for a wife and child to deal with. He prophesized that Judah would be taken by the Babylonians and it was. He lived during the seventh century and early sixth century. The dominant theme of his book is prophecies and judgments against his nation’s sinfulness. His book is split into four sections: a block of material consisting mainly of prophetic oracles with occasional biographical or autobiographical passages; a section composed largely of biographical narratives interspersed with prophetic sermons; oracles against nations; and the story of the fall of Jerusalem. Proverbs – is a collection of writings. It teaches that we should respect God. It is a biblical collection of wisdom literature which also includes Ecclesiastes, Job, and portions of the Psalms. It contains 31 chapters. Most of the book is attributed to King Solomon. The written teachings in their current form were probably collected no earlier than the reign of Hezekiah, King of Judah in the late eighth and early seventh centuries BC. Proverbs represents the written record of an oral tradition of wise sayings with uncertain origins. A proverb is a short saying that usually draws a comparison between two forms of behavior in order to impart moral or religious wisdom to its behavior. It is in the Tanakh, and is considered to be one of the three poetic books in the Ketuvim. Esther – Considered part of the Tanakh, and one of the five megillot in the Ketuvim.
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Old Testament Review for Final - Old Testament Review...

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