RaceRelation2-12 - Multiracial Individuals: A Challenge to...

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Multiracial Individuals: A Challenge to Racial Categorization I. Multiracial identity options? (4) What are possible identity options for a mixed race person? 1. Which challenge racial categorization scheme? 2. Which challenge racial hierarchy? 3. Do all mixed race people have the same options? (Cf: Tiger Woods with Keanu Reeves) a) Racial identity is like ethnic identity only for whom? 1) Consistent with what concepts? (3) In the Woo reading, Tiger Woods is compared to Keanu Reeves. Both Keanu Reeves and Dean Kane are part Asian, part white. What is the  difference between them? All are mixed race, (so is Haley Berry, etc.) what is  different between them? Those are of mixed race with some black ancestry, they will  be identified as black. However, if Keanu Reeves wanted to be identified as Asian,  he’ll have that option, he doesn’t have to identify as white. Those with African  ancestry basically don’t have a choice of how they will be presented. Those with no  African ancestry, their racial identification is a matter of choice.  Color of Fear: suggested a White/Non white binary. Black/non black binary: those who are not black have more choice than those who  are black. - Intermarriage patterns, residence patterns (typically whites move out when a  certain amount of blacks move in). 
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RaceRelation2-12 - Multiracial Individuals: A Challenge to...

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