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Chapter 13: Summary: In the years between 6 and 12 , the child’s social world expands. Peers take on greater importance and friendships deepen. Relationships with parents change as children develop greater independence. Children face adjustments resulting from divorce and remarriages if it happens. These yrs include development of new skills, increasing importance of social relationships, and more understanding of self. Psychoanalytic Theory: Freud described middle childhood yrs as the latency stage, the 4 th stage of psycho sexual development, during which sexual urges are repressed (unconscious) and children are developing social and intellectual skills. Erik Erikson sees the major developmental task of middle childhood as the acquisition of cognitive and social skills. Erikson calls this stage, the 4 th stage of psycho social development: industry versus inferiority . This means children who can master the tasks and challenges of the middle yrs develop sense of industry or competence. For example, a 7 yr old should master the challenges and tasks of being a 7 yr old. If they have difficulty in school or peer relationships, they may develop sense of inferiority
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InfantPsychNotesTest3Chapter13 - Chapter 13 Social...

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