InfantPsychNotesChapter15 - Chapter 15: Adolescence...

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Chapter 15: Adolescence – Cognitive Development The Adolescent in Thought: Piaget’s stage of formal operations is the intellectual development in adolescence. In this stage, the young person has moved from the concrete thinking of the middle and late childhood yrs, and begins moving into the abstract reasoning and logic . Formal Operations: This is the ability to deal with the abstract and the hypothetical and the capacity to engage in deductive reasoning as the key features. This allows adolescents to engage in scientific reasoning. This is Piaget’s most advanced stage, the 4 th stage. Adolescents who think in this stage are able to classify objects, ideas, hypothesize , and use deductive reasoning. In this stage, they discover the concept of “what might be rather than “what is .” They have the capacity to look ahead, fashion futures , and use utopian thinking, which refers to an ideal vision of society. Formal operational children can understand, appreciate, and even produce metaphors.
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InfantPsychNotesChapter15 - Chapter 15: Adolescence...

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