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Chapter 14: Adolescence - Physical Development What is Adolescence? It’s a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. It is neither children nor adults. G. Stanley Hall: It was described by G. Stanley Hall , an early American psychologist, as a time of “ storm and stress .” Due to Hall, he first proposed adolescence as a distinct stage of human development in 1904 . Hall believed that adolescents swing back and forth between happiness and sadness, overconfidence and self-doubt, dependence and independence. He says that mood swings are a necessary part of growing up, and children have to rebel against their parents to make the transition to adulthood. Sigmund Freud: He called this the genital stage of psychosexual development at puberty. He stated that sexual feelings are initially aimed at the parent of the other sex, but they become transferred onto other adults or adolescents of the other sex. Adolescent Growth Spurt:
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InfantPsychNotesChapter14 - Chapter 14: Adolescence -...

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