Chronic stress decreases immune function does

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Unformatted text preview: learning suppression • Rats showed CR of immune suppression to CS of Rats saccharin solution after pairing with an immune suppressing drug (US) suppressing – Nervous and endocrine systems Nervous communicate via cytokines, messengers secreted in the immune system secreted Lecture 22 37 Psychoneuroimmunology Stress • Acute stress manipulation studies • Naturalistic study of chronic stress • Often studied by looking at markers of immune function in blood • Wound healing studies • Sympathetic nervous system activation influences immune function Immune System • Imperfect relationship; requires exposure • Mostly studied in animals to date; • Some studies look at development of cold symptoms following exposure to virus as a function of stress Lecture 22 Disease 38 PNI Findings • Medical students show lower numbers of Medical NK, T, and % of total lymphocytes around exams than at other times exams • Wound healing slower during exams than Wound on vacation on • Marital conflict linked to poorer response Marital to immunization and slower wound healing to Lecture 22 39 PNI Findings • Caregivers have slower healing, worse Caregivers immune functioning, higher mortality immune • Bottom line: Stress, esp. chronic stress, Bottom decreases immune function decreases • Does reducing stress help? A little Does (hypnosis, relaxation, CBT) (hypnosis, Lecture 22 40 PNI Mechanisms • CNS and immune system communicate via CNS peripheral NS connected to thymus, spleen, lymph nodes lymph • CNS communicates via hormones (e.g., CNS releasing factors) releasing • Autonomic NS influences immunity by controlling Autonomic release of epinephrine, norepinephrine, cortisol release • Imm...
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